New Student: Fat Meeps!

My name is fat Meeps. I am an older cat and more qualified than any of those so called smaller cats for acceptance.


Fluffs University is the perfect place to develop my plans for world domina—peace and cat food for all. As a double-major in Feline Nutrition and International Relations (with a focus in global domination) and my experience as a cat, I plan to give back to Fluffs as much as it gives to me.


My ideal date is sleeping under a chair while my humans refill my wet food bowl approximately every two hours and leave out dry food for supplements to my meals.


I plan to make the most of the two hours per day I am awake including the creation of a body acceptance club for slightly larger┬ácats such as I. So what I can’t clean my own toes? That’s what humans are for.


Pls can I have acceptance?

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