New Student: Bear!

My name is Bear and I live in Swampscott Massachusetts. I grew up in multiple homes in Chicago before my human slave, Nicole, found me. Because of the inconsistency of my kitten life I have become a ferocious, untrusting beast. However, Nicole works really hard to give me all the cuddles and attention. I’m making serious progress though, and now I enjoy sitting on laps for no more than two minutes.

Funny fact I am a girl cat and my first two names were Meat Cat and then Pumpkin. I have often suffered from identity crisis and would consider myself a trans kitty.

I want to go to Fluffs to meet other kitty cats because I am an only child and Nicole calls me her precious little girl… Weird

These are a few of my favorite things… Feasting on flesh, attacking feet, doing sprints in the house, climbing the door frames, eating edamame, meowing at Nicole while she’s in the bathroom, sitting in corners, staring at the wall, and eating crumbs that Nicole’s grandmother drops on the ground.

Thank you for considering me to your prestigious University. But really get me out of this house!


bear2 bear3

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