New Student: Quentin! #FLUFFS2018

Greetings and salutations, Fluffs admissions committee.My name is Quentin, and I iz nice, so I hope to have teh admittance.  As I am 13 I will be an older learner, but I am only on my second life, so I believe I will have plenty of time to put my edumeowcation to use, and my white whiskers may provide valuable perspective to the younger kittehs.

Why haz it taken me so long to pursue my degree? The classic story: I supported my human companion through her graduate studies and was unable to fulfill my own ambitions until now. I plan to major in mouse-chasing (though my human has thus far hampered this ambition by refusing to allow me to bring mice into the house for practice). Also, there is the fact that I am declawed, but I am sure that physical disability does not deter the venerable Fluffs admissions committee.

I speak primarily meowese at home, but I am also fluent in lolz and human-speak. I would like to study HTMeowL at Fluffs so that I can upload pictures of myself to the interwebz.

I live in St. Louis, Missouri with my human. We have also lived in Charlottesville, Virginia and Los Angeles, California. I liked California best because we had a balcony there, but no one asked me whether it was all right to move. I will need to be a long-distance learner from the midwest, but I am happy to travel to Meowford if needed for examinations or pettings.

Fluffully yours,

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