Fluffs University – the first ever Cats University

We know what you’re  thinking: “HUH?” You were under the assumption that cats don’t go to college.

DSC_0490Furball, Founder-Fluffs University

Hi, I’m Furball. Despite  being told, “cats aren’t smart enough to go to college,” and, “you’d probably just sleep through all your classes,” I was determined to get an education.
Furball about to roll off the desk
I studied hard, spent lots of time thinking, and took lots of naps, but I couldn’t answer the application’s YOLO question correctly because I live nine times, not once. Feeling sad and rejected, I suddenly had a moment of insight: I could start my own university!
INTRODUCING: FLUFFS UNIVERSITY!! We are located right in the middle of Medfurred and Slumberville.
Our mission:
To provide an equal opportunity for education to students of all colors, breeds, and species. We will promote aspects of good citizenship such as use of litterboxes and dog runs. The Fluffs student should be the full package: athletic, intellectual, and free of fleas. It is our hope that, after graduation, students can stand on their own four feet and be the greatest thinkers, birdwatchers, sleepers, and fetch players of their generation.

Right now we are in our infancy but growing rapidly! Please keep checking for improvements to our school!

Obligatory notice:
This site is a parody. It is not affiliated with any existing corporation, university, country, planet or known universe. Any resemblance to a real institution is purely (or purrely) coincidental.

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  1. Accept me Fluffs university. U r soooo awesome…. I really love ur philosophy of accepting all the people really interested learn. (Y) (Y) (Y). I strongly wish to attend u along with the other university whose name resembles with urs 😉 …

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