Doesn’t your furry friend deserve an education from Fluffs University?
Last year, 100% of applicants were accepted at Fluffs University (1 out of 1). We are quickly gaining status as the world’s leading University for furry minds. And though acceptance is on a rolling and “if u r nice then u can haz” basis, admission to our prestigious University is becoming increasingly competitive.
Financial Aid: Don’t worry, as long as you are nice, your tuition will be paid in full!!
financial aid
If accepted to Fluffs University, your furry friend will be admitted into our photo gallery and, with your consent, may even find his or her way onto our Furchandise!!
To apply:
1. Submit one (more if you can!) adorable picture
2. Tell us where you live!
3. Include a few sentences from the Furry applicant. Possible prompts include:
-Why do you want to go to Fluffs?
-What does YOLNT (you only live nine times) mean to you?
-What’s your ideal date?
-Topic of your choice
4. Send to It is that simple!!

I can haz emails?
I can haz teh emails?


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