Remeowniscence of My Elemeowntry School Days

I’d like to give a meow-out to the teachers who helped me get to Fluffs U!

Mr. Armadillo (K):

Thank you for teraching me to think outside the box. You’ll be pleased to know that I haven’t used my confining litterbox since I left your class!

Mrs. Catfish (1st):

I’m sorry I ate you. I’m sure you would have been a wonderful teacher.

Sir Meowalot (2nd):

Thanks for teaching me to meow like no one’s listening, lick myself like no one is watching, and sleep like every nap is my last.

Mr. Omnivore (3rd):

I’m pretty sure you took 6 or 7 of my lives from me, but otherwise you were fantastic!

Ms. Furryandiknowit (4th)

I swear I wasn’t trying to eat you, I’m not a monster!

Mrs. Catniss (5th):

Thanks to you, my acting and hunting have improved tremeowndously!

Mr. Fisher (6th):

Oh, shoot. I ate you too, didn’t I? Oops..


Thanks again to all of you mentors.

With love and hairballs,


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