New Student: Heloise!

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Heloise and as you can see in my photos, I am highly motivated to learn. Upon graduating from Dartfluff Medifurr School, I immediately continued my Medifurr education by completing a 5 year residency in Purrrrgery.  It was a difficult time as my sleeping hours were restricted to only 80 per week.  However sleep-deprived, I purrservered,  and was able to get board certified in purrrrrrring.
As I contemplate my next career move, I see a great need for felines in Medifurr administration. I think that I am the correct feline to lead the charge to extend sleep hours for residents, improve food quality (no more mystery meat, please!), and to generally bring the board certified purrrrers of this world into a position of domination.   As I look over your current crop of students, I see that there are several like-minded felines with whom I would fit incredibly well.
In addition to my academic achievements, I am also an accomplished bird watcher, mouse hockey player, and strategic hairball vomiter (always on the carpet or bedding, I never miss).  My human is also very well trained – one of my most cherished accomplishments.

I ask that you consider my qualifications carefully.

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