New Student: Boots!

Dear Fluffs Admissions,
Hi! My name is Boots, also known as “Mini-Panther,” “Furry Yoda,” and “G-D cat, get off the counter”.  I am a native of Apollo Beach, Florida; now I live in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

What does YOLNT (you only live nine times) mean to you?

YOLNT means that there is plenty of time to chase lizards and to nap in the sun, but it’s important to appreciate what you have now.  Seize the day and the mouse, as the saying goes.

I was adopted when I was a kitten and lived with an elderly widower.  (Weren’t we a dapper pair?) Every morning, I would wake him up by sitting on his chest; then we would read the newspaper together, mosey over to the TV, and watch The History Channel. We talked about economics, politics, and WWII (Pops was a veteran). Our routine varied when Pops’ daughter or granddaughters came to visit or when a lizard invaded my porch; otherwise, we had ten placid years together.

When my first human passed away, his granddaughter adopted me and moved me up to Massachusetts. I “helped” her study for the bar exam (photo attached), ran for Massachusetts Senate (motto: a cat would be an improvement over those clowns) and earned a pawful of write-in votes, and now repose upon an electric fleece blanket instead of in the warm Florida sun. My activities include napping, swatting at my birdie toy, horking up hairballs, and looking out the window.  Every year, I watch the Boston Marathon.

Despite all of this, I’ve never been to college. Pops loved his years at Pace on the GI Bill and his graduate work in economics; my new human always tells me how much she loved Tufts – as if I couldn’t figure it out from the elephants that decorate the place.  University! What a great way to spend one of my nine lives! And Fluffs is the perfect blend of napping and academia, hard work and play time.

If accepted into Fluffs, I want to major in biology – lizard dissections are so much fun and I love figuring out which tasty plants are good for cats!

Paws et lox,


Boots Bar Exam Studying Boots with Pops

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