For a lot of humans, singing in the shower is where talent is born. As a Cat, I don’t take showers, but that doesn’t stop me from singing! Introducing…

The Fluffs Flea-elzefurs: Fluffs’ Oldest all-feline a cappella group!

We do lots of fun gigs such as begging our owners for food and keeping our neighbors up at night.

Pawpular Repoirtoire:

-Cats in the Cradle

-Wild World – Cat Stevens

-Every song that is in the musical “Cats”

-Who Let the Dogs Out?

-Living Fur the City

-22 (in cat years) – Taylor Swift

-Are you gonna be my fur?

-We Cat Stop – Miley Cyrus



We do not wear clothes. Just fur. All colors welcome!


Sadly, we have no achievements. We  auditioned to record voices for the TV show “FLEA”, but we did not get it :(. It is okay, we tried our best.

We have no upcoming performances. We tried to email or call the people who have gigs to do but we do not know how to email or call so we didn’t get around to it.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with our Dog counterparts, the Dachshund Dills.

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