New Student: Felina!

Meow! My name is Felina and I am from Mew Jersey! I am twelve years old and so far still have all of my nine lives!  It has always been my dream to go to college and get an education.  My twin brother, poopsie, just passed away two months ago and dealing with his loss has made my humans and I very sad.  He is the one next to me under the Christmas tree.  We love and miss him very much.  He was smart, kind, intellectual, caring, loving, and I know if he were still here today, he would hope he could attend Fluffs University.  It is not only my dream to attend your University but it was also his dream, and I hope I can achieve both of our dreams through you.  I would be purrroud to call Fluffs my new home and I know I would also be making my humans and my brother proud too.


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