How to Do College Right!

When you get to Fluffs, chances are you’ll want to sleep through most of your four years. Here are some strategies I’ve developed to help take full advantage of your time at Fluffs:

1. Change rooms at least once a day.

It can be tempting to stay curled up in the same warm spot for days on end, but you may look aback and wish you had branched out more. I suggest changing rooms at least once a day to ensure a memorable college experience.

I highly suggest being adventurous. Some of the students here only eat the same food pellets each day (guilty…). Maybe one day you could find some scraps of steak, and another day you could find some milk a human spilled somewhere. Go for it!

3. Conquer FOMOOS

A lot of college students say that a main source of anxiety for them is FOMOOS, or Fear of Missing Out on Sleep. I’m here to tell you to live on the edge! You really only need about 16 hours of sleep to maintain good health. I’ve met some students who get by on 14 or 15!! There is a great catfe on campus where you can get catuccinos and other catfeinated drinks when you’re having one of those days. And trust me, I know. Over the summer my mom carried me upstairs and then I had to walk all the way downstairs again and then she carried me upstairs again and then I had to walk all the way downstairs again. I was so miffed.

4. Exercise!

Yes, the “Freshman 15 ounces” is a real furnomenon! Stay healthy by staying active. Activities like chasing a mouse or jumping onto a tall piece of furniture are a great way to relieve stress, and once in a while there may even be ahuman dragging some yarn that you can try to catch.

5. It’s okay to climb trees, but use good judgement.

The legal age for tree climbing is 60 cat years. Inevitably, students at every institutions are doing it. It makes it easier to meet people and its a way of venting stress on the weekends. All I suggest is that you climb responsibly. If you climb to the point of needing to call FURS (Fluffs University Responding Services) There will be a hefty fee and your parents won’t be happy.

6. Try to bathe approximately once per hour.

Giving yourself a lick in those hard to reach places keeps your fur soft. And your classmates will notice! 😉

7. Finally, and most importantly: when finals roll around, get lots of sleep to prepare for them!

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